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SmartSystems' components that can be specified for virtually any Connor wood or synthetic system include SmartWoodCM, SmartPadsTM and SmartMatsTM with recycled materials, SmartCoatingsTM and related non-toxic, non-hazardous materials and technology.

Play it SmartTM...Specify SmartWoodCM

SmartSystemsTM incorporate SmartWoodCM, a program of the Rainforest Alliance, an international nonprofit conservation organization, focused on reducing the long-term impact of logging. This program incorporates hardwoods from managed forests that use advanced findings in forestry management. Connor Sports Flooring Corporation is the first MFMA manufacturer certified under this worldwide program. SmartWoodCM can be specified for any maple surface and system that Connor manufacturers.

Play it SmartTM...Specify SmartPadsTM and SmartMatsTM

All Connor mats and pads used in our wood systems are manufactured from recycled, mixed rubber materials. And, because Connor systems are totally environmentally friendly, they can be disposed of under normal landfill conditions. All Connor synthetic systems, including the Elasti family
and MultiSport are free of metals, PCBs, fluorocarbons, formaldehyde, lead and mercury.

Play it SmartTM...Specify SmartCoatingsTM

Whether it is V.O.C. compliant finishes and seals or solvent free coatings,
the specification of SmartCoatingsTM completes the environmentally friendly picture for all facilities when used with SmartWoodCM and SmartPadsTM.  SmartSystems' are environmentally safe by design. SmartSystemsTM integrate materials and technology options in both wood and synthetic systems that will benefit many generations of Americans.  Architects, owners and communities can now be sure that their facility is Safe By Design?so that athletes of all ages can Play it SmartTM

Making athletic surfaces is a precision business. The specific needs of the casual, amateur and professional athlete must be taken into consideration when designing and installing high-quality playing surfaces. That's why Connor Sports Flooring developed a strategic alliance with Nike Foundation. We incorporate Nike Grind into our world-class maple and synthetic gymnasium flooring systems to help athletes better play their sport; whether during playground recess or high-intensity competition.

Nike Foundation

Like any great sports team, the Connor and Nike alliance makes for a winning combination. Nike recycles athletic shoes into Nike Grind and Connor uses Nike Grind to make high performance sports surfaces.

Proceeds from the sale of Connor products with Nike Grind are donated to the Nike Foundation to fund construction of new athletic surfaces in underserved communities.

The CONNOR and NIKE strategic alliance fulfills joint commitments to the environment and local communities while helping to increase sports opportunities for kids everywhere

DIN Testing


Ball Rebound
Measures the basketball's response off the sports floor system as compared to the ball's response off concrete.




Shock Absorption
Measures the flooring system's ability to absorb impact forces normally absorbed by the athlete when landing on a hard surface such as concrete or asphalt.


Vertical Deflection
Measures the floor system's downward movement during the impact of an athlete landing on the surface. This measurement is interdependent with area deflection criteria.


Area Deflection
Measures the floor system's ability to contain the deflected area under an athlete's impact, measured within 20" of impacted area. Also known as Deformation Control when combined with vertical deflection measurements


Method 100 - Environmental Stability
Measures the sports floor system's ability to remain unaffected by significant swings in environmental conditions, such as extended exposure to increased humidity.


Method 200 - System Loading
Indicates the system's ability to maintain integrity under excessive loads such as bleachers and maintenance vehicles.


Method 300 - Resilient Life
Measures the resilient pad's ability to provide unchanged performance after repeated, active loads. Consider this for all types and levels of activities.


Method 400 - Resilient Load
Measures the resilient pad's ability to provide unchanged performance after carrying excessive loads such as heavy bleachers.


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