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                                         Technical Data 



 1.1        DESCRIPTION

A.   Related work specified under other sections.


a.       Slab depression is:

2-5/8" for 25/32" flooring (3/8¡¨ pad)

2-7/8" for 33/32" flooring (3/8¡¨ pad)

b.   The general contractor shall furnish and install the concrete subfloors depressing the slab sufficiently to accommodate the floor system.  The slab shall be steel troweled and finished smooth to a tolerance of 1/8" in any 10' radius by the general contractor.  High spots shall be ground level, and low spots filled in with approved leveling compound by the general contractor to the full approval of the installer (Flooring Contractor).


a.   Concrete subfloors on or below grade shall be adequately waterproofed beneath the slab and at the perimeter walls and on earth side of below grade walls by general contractor using suitable type membrane.



1.2        REFERENCES

A.   MFMA - Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association

B.   DIN Standards 18032, Part 2


A.      MANUFACTURER:  Manufacturer of resilient flooring shall be a firm specializing in manufacturing products specified in this section.


1.       The complete installation of the flooring system, as described in the scope of these specifications, shall be carried out by an experienced installer (Flooring Contractor), and the work shall be performed in accordance with most recent installation instructions of the manufacturer.

2.   Installer (Flooring Contractor) shall be liable for all matters related to installation for a period of one year after the floor has been substantially installed and completed.

C.   Performance Testing

1.       Flooring system shall have been independently tested and evaluated for Athletic Performance according to the international standard DIN 18032, Part 2.

2.       Flooring system shall have been independently tested and evaluated for Engineering Performance according to the Structural Testing and Engineering Measures (STEM). 

1.4        SUBMITTALS

A.   Submit Connor Duracushion II specification sheets.

B.      Sample - Submit one sample of specified system, if requested by architect.

C.      Maintenance Literature - Upon completion of floor installation, send to owner, attendants or individuals in charge and responsible for the upkeep of the building a CARE CARD.  This card spells out care and maintenance instructions including temperature and humidity ranges for areas where flooring is installed.



A.      The wood flooring specified herein shall not be installed until all masonry, painting, plaster, tile, marble and terrazzo work is completed, and overhead mechanical trades and painters have finished in the wood floor areas.  The building shall be enclosed and weathertite.

B.      The concrete subfloors shall be determined dry by industry standard testing procedures, free of foreign materials, and turned over to the installer (Flooring Contractor) broom clean.  Moderate room temperature of 65 degrees or more shall be maintained a week preceding and throughout the duration of the work.  Humidity conditions within the building shall approximate the humidity conditions which will prevail when the building is occupied.

C.      Permanent heat, light and ventilation shall be installed and operating during and after installation, maintaining a temperature range compatible with the expected low and high moisture content of the flooring.  The moisture content range is determined by the flooring contractor based on the facility¡¦s mechanical controls and/or geographical location.

D.      Flooring must be stored in a dry, well-ventilated area, not in contact with the masonry, to acclimate to building conditions and shall be installed at a moisture content compatible with the normally expected environmental range of temperature and relative humidity achieved while the facility is occupied.

E.      After floors are finished, area to be kept locked by general contractor to allow curing time for finish.  If after required curing time general contractor or owner requires use of gym, he shall protect the floor by covering with non-marring kraft paper or red rosin paper with taped joints until acceptance by owner of complete gymnasium floor.

F.      Working conditions as described above shall be followed.  Variations and substitutions shall be submitted for approval to the architect who shall advise Connor of the same.



A.   Since all wood flooring will expand and contract as relative humidity varies, it is important to minimize extremes between low and high.  Hardwood flooring is manufactured at a moisture content most compatible with a 35%-50% relative humidity range.  Geographical regions and available mechanicals determine the typical range of temperature and humidity for each facility.  Maintaining a 15% fluctuation between highest and lowest average indoor relative humidity provides limited shrinkage and growth.  Facility managers should make use of available HVAC systems to prevent excessive tightening and shrinkage of flooring.


1.7        WARRANTY

A.   Connor warrants that the materials it has supplied will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year.  The foregoing warranty is in lieu of and excludes all other warranties not expressly set forth herein, whether express or implied in operation of law or otherwise,  including, but not limited to, any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness.  This warranty is expressly limited to the flooring materials (goods) supplied by Connor.  This warranty does not cover floor damage caused (wholly or in part) by fire, winds, floods, moisture, other unfavorable atmospheric conditions or chemical action, nor does it apply to damage caused by ordinary wear, misuse, abuse, negligent or intentional misconduct, aging, faulty building construction, concrete slab separation, faulty or unsuitable subsurface or site preparation, settlement of the building walls or faulty or unprofessional installation of Connor flooring systems.

B.   Connor shall not be liable for incidental or consequential losses, damages or expenses directly or indirectly arising from the sale, handling or use of the materials (goods) or from any other cause relating thereto, and their liability hereunder in any case is expressly limited to the replacement of materials (goods) not complying with this agreement or, at their election, to the repayment of, or crediting buyer with, an amount equal to the purchase price of such materials (goods), whether such claims are for breach of warranty or negligence.  Any claim shall be deemed waived by buyer unless submitted to Connor in writing within 30 days from the date buyer discovered, or should have discovered, any claimed breach.


2.1        MATERIALS

A.      Vapor barrier - 6 mil polyethylene.

B.      Resilient pads

1.    Connor Duracushion pads, 3/8¡¨ thick X 2-1/4¡¨ X 3¡¨.

2.       Optional thickness (specify above or delete) - Duracushion pads, 5/8¡¨ thick X 2-1/4¡¨ X 3¡¨.

C.      Sleeper - Nominal 2" X 3" X 4' Spruce, Fir, Pine or Hemlock dip-treated with WOODLIFE F preservative with 5 pads attached 12" on center.

D.      Flooring (Connor Laytite Maple)

1.       25/32" X 2-1/4", Second & Better Grade, Northern Hard Maple Flooring, TGEM, MFMA Grade marked and stamped as manufactured by Connor Sports Flooring, Amasa, MI.

2.       Options (specify above or delete)

a.       Sizes - 25/32" X 1-1/2", 33/32" X 1-1/2", 33/32" X 2-1/4"

b.      Grades - First Grade, Third Grade

3.       Treating (specify or delete) - flooring shall be treated with WOODLIFE F preservative.

4.       SMARTWOODcm (specify or delete) - Hard maple flooring shall be certified as harvested from managed forest in compliance with the SmartWoodcm program of the Rainforest Alliance.

E.      Flooring fasteners - 2" barbed cleats or coated staples.

F.      Finish materials - Connor Court-Time oil modified polyurethane seal and finish or equal.

G.     Gameline paint shall be compatible with finish.

H.      Wall Base - 3" X 4", heavy duty, molded, vented cove base with pre-molded outside corners. 


 3.1        INSPECTION

A.      Inspect concrete slab for proper tolerance and dryness.  Report any discrepancies to general contractor and architect in writing.

B.      Concrete slab shall be broom cleaned by general contractor.

C.      Installer (Flooring Contractor) shall document all working conditions provided in General Specifications prior to commencement of installation.

 3.2               INSTALLATION

A.      Subfloor

1.       Cover concrete with poly sealing and lapping joints a minimum of 6".

2.       Install sleepers at right angles to finish flooring 12@ o/c for 33/32@ flooring,  9@ o/c for 25/32@ flooring and 8@ o/c for 25/32 and 33/32@ third grade flooring.  Space ends 1/4@ and offset joints 24@ in adjacent rows.  Provide 2" expansion voids at perimeter and at all vertical obstructions.  Inspect sleepers to be sure that all pads bear on the concrete subfloor.

B.   Maple flooring

1.       Install maple flooring by power nailing or stapling at sleeper intersection with end joints properly driven up.

2.       If required, size joints between flooring strips to allow for intermediate expansion in accordance with local humidity conditions.

3.       Provide 2" expansion voids at perimeter and at all vertical obstructions.

 3.3        FINISHING

A.   Maple flooring

1.       Machine sand with course, medium, and fine paper to a smooth, even and uniform surface.

2.       Remove sanding dust from entire surface by tack or vacuum.

3.       Inspect entire area of floor to insure that surface is acceptable for finishing, clean and completely free from sanding dust.

4.       Apply two (2) coats of approved seal and two (2) coats of approved finish per manufacturer's instructions.

5.       Buff and clean floor between coats.

6.       Game Lines:  Apply game lines as indicated on drawings, between seal and first coat of finish.


A.   Install vent cove base to walls with base cement or screws.  Use pre-molded outside corners and mitered inside corners.

 3.5        CLEANING

A.   Remove excess and waste materials from the area of work.


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