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Saunas are a centuries old tradition for relaxation and healthy living. Picture yourself in the soft, cedar scented warmth of your very own sauna as it soothes your tired muscles, cleanses your skin and revitalizes your spirit. After one or two sessions in your very own finland sauna, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

"SAWO" has been manufacturing saunas and steambaths since 1962. We pride ourselves on the quality of our material, our commitment to customer service and our ability to provide both at competitive prices. At "SAWO"  we cater to the do-it-yourselfer and building contractor. You are dealing directly with the manufacturer.

"SAWO" manufactures its own sauna heaters and we purchase truckloads of cedar from British Columbia. We are able to obtain our materials at the lowest possible prices and pass those savings on to you.

We have supplied saunas to thousands of homeowners. Along with our many satisfied residential customers, leading builders and developers have used "SAWO"  extensively for their recreation facilities. "SAWO"  saunas can be found in the Royal York Hotel, the King Ranch Resort, YMCA's and the Toronto Blue Jays Clubhouse.

We would be pleased to assist in all facets of your sauna; helping plan, design and build a sauna you will enjoy and be proud of for years to come.


A Little Information About Saunas
Wet/Dry Saunas Water Supply Condensation
Saunas are by nature a dry environment. Water is not required in a sauna, but it is recommended. It makes the air more breathable and increases the humidity, which intensifies the feeling of heat. This is accomplished by splashing some water on the sauna rocks. A permanent water supply is not required. Under no circumstances should a water tap be directly over the heater. A sauna bucket and ladle is the preferred method for applying water to the sauna rocks. A sauna is a high heat, low humidity environment . Interior ambient humidity in a home is generally between 30 - 40%. The humidity in a sauna is between 10 - 20%. This is the case even if water is used. The sauna heater is actually baking the air inside the sauna. When water is added over the sauna rocks, there is a blast of steam, but it dissipates immediately. A sauna should not be confused with a steambath where a steam generator produces steam and the humidity is high.
Venting Operating Cost Drainage
There is very little condensation from a sauna, so a vent is not necessary. We recommend undercutting the sauna room door by 1/2" to 1" for fresh air intake. Saunas are very inexpensive to operate. Temperature is irrelevant, the cost of electricity is based strictly on time usage. A residential sauna is on for about an hour, once or twice a week.  Commercial saunas should have a drain in the center of the floor area to facilitate cleaning. Most residential saunas have drains, but it is not essential. Water should only be used in moderation. It is splashed on the rocks and evaporates quickly.

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