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CX-100 SERIES can be applied with brush, roller, or spray gun. A solid 
protection cover is formulated, after spraying 2-4 layers of 2-component  
epoxy resins, to have superior properies for heavy-loading working area. 
CHARACTERISTICS  pic23.gif (30473 bytes)
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Hygienic ,Dust Free
001(13).gif (451 bytes)  Anticorrosive
001(13).gif (451 bytes)  Easy to Clean
001(13).gif (451 bytes)  Fast Application, Short Curing Time
001(13).gif (451 bytes)  Office, Reception Area,
      Recreation Room
001(13).gif (451 bytes)  Hospitals
001(13).gif (451 bytes)  Clean Room, Wall & Ceiling
001(13).gif (451 bytes)  Control Room, Filing Room
001(13).gif (451 bytes)   Warehouse & Sales Room
CX-200 SERIES is designed with 2-component coating compounds on
epoxy basis to form  an electrically conductive and durable industrial floor. It  
is therefore most   suitable  for use in areas where there is a risk of explosion,  
as well as in production  facilities and workshops in  the electrotechnical            
CHARACTERISTICS  pica.jpg (15693 bytes)
001(13).gif (451 bytes)  Conducts Electrostatic Charges
      Conductance Resistance is
      between 10-108Ohm  Maintains
001(13).gif (451 bytes)  Abrasion & Impact Resistant
001(13).gif (451 bytes)  Excellent Chemical 
001(13).gif (451 bytes)  Resistance
001(13).gif (451 bytes)   Explosion-Proof Areas
001(13).gif (451 bytes)   Workshops of Electronics,
001(13).gif (451 bytes)   Optics and Precision
001(13).gif (451 bytes)   Measuring Rooms
001(13).gif (451 bytes)   Laboratories
CX-300 系列自平塗裝
CX-300 SERIES is applied with trowel using self-leveling, 2-component , 
pigmented epoxy  resins up to 2 - 6 mm thinckness. After curing, a protective
surface finishing is necessary. Various combinations of hardness , colour ,  
smooth or non-slip testure are tailor-made for  user's specific requirements. 
CHARACTERISTICS  pic25.gif (27082 bytes)
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Hygienic, Dust Free
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Easy to Clean
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Even Rough Surface
001(13).gif (451 bytes) High Chemical Resistance
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Indifferent to Temperature
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Clean Room Floors
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Exhibition Halls
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Production & Storage Areas
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Refrigerated Storage Rooms
CX-400系列 樹脂砂漿
CX-400 SERIES is to blend high quality epoxy coating with silica and/or  
quartz sands to  form  a filied system. CX-400 SERIES is to extremely hard
wearing and impact resistant so as to provide an  ideal working area for            
forklift and heavy machine. 
CHARACTERISTICS pic26.gif (26340 bytes)
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Excellent Abrasion resistance
001(13).gif (451 bytes) High load bearing capacity
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Very Good Chemical Resistance
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Fuel Resistant
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Smooth or Non-slip Surface Texture
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Weather Resistance
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Production & Storage Facilities
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Machine Shops
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Parking Deck
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Ramps
cx-500系列 積層塗裝
CX-500 SERIES is reinforced by fiber glass to enhance tensile strength and  
tear resistance.
CHARACTERISTICS  pic27.gif (28006 bytes)
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Completely Seamless,
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Vapour Unpermeable
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Alkali-Proof, Acid-Proof
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Easy Maintenance
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Weather Resistance
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Available in a Variety of Colors
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Swimming Pool
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Food & Beverage Factories
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Collecting Basins
001(13).gif (451 bytes) Brewing Tank