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Topturf Private GreenTHE PRIVATE GREEN™

The Private Green™ is a synthetic golf green destined for the residential, condominium and retirement center market. It is esthetically pleasing and can be integrated discretely into existing landscapes. It can also become a central focal and activity center depending on it's location.

Most importantly, it allows golf lovers to practice putting and chipping on their very own synthetic surface. It is now possible to initiate friends, family and even children to this marvelous sport without worry as to the high cost of maintaining a natural green. See maintenance specifications.

The Private Green™ is available in three (3) configurations and two (2) different models adapted to budget and space constraints. Each green is equipped with 2 cups located at strategic points in the game.

Can be adapted and installed on rooftops in order to optimize the use of available space.  



Topturf™ tennis surfaces are obtained using the following components: Topturf™ synthetic surface and the sandblasting process.

The sandblast treatment of the synthetic turf bestows a uniform stable and non directional surface allowing the tennis ball to rebound while maintaining its initial path with no false bounces. The sand bed imprisoned under the surface gives the necessary hardness required to obtain a medium game speed according to tennis standards. Because the sand is held captive beneath the splintered fibres, it is not ejected on the ball's impact and therefore no additional sand or brushing is required. The system offers an excellent playing surface and not a sandy one. This is a non abrasive anti-shock system for better protection against sport related injuries.

To facilitate drainage, a slope of one (1) inch per ten (10) feet in all directions is preferable. A porous model is also available that allows for drainage.

Topturf™ can be installed directly on an asphalt, concrete or a compacted screening base. It is an excellent option for revitalizing damaged courts.

Can be installed by the client, a contractor or by a specialist. It is simply placed in the appropriate location and unrolled on site. It does not require a bonding agent and is anchored in place by it's own weight. Each section is joined to the adjacent one with an adhesive twelve (12) inch Mylar tape.

Each court requires ten (10) rolls of twelve (12) feet wide by sixty (60) feet long. An installation plan is included.

Topturf Special Projects

PlayPutt™ Course, Chip'n Run™ and other Mini-Golf Games

Topturf™ products can be used in all types of mini-golf games including the Chip'n Run™ concept for putting and chipping. These are games that consider specific site constraints, that integrate with the surrounding environment and that respect individual budgets. Available services include: concept and design development, preparation of plans and specifications including cost estimate, work schedule and landscaping.




Topturf is a proven product which duplicates the appearance of natural Bentgrass. Because of it's specific patented characteristics, the Topturf™ product provides the ideal multi sport synthetic playing surface.