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Sand Filled Synthetic Turf
    The Look & Play Of Real Grass
      Without The Maintenance!

Pile Height


Sand In-Filled


12mm Tennis Top With Sand-9Kg./㎡ Professional Bounce
19mm Tennis Heavy Duty With Sand-14Kg./㎡ Top Flight
19mm Tennis Standard With Sand-19Kg./㎡  


Tennis Standard

19~25mm School /Club Standard For Running Track With Sand  Track Turf 
19~25mm School / Standard For Soccer Turf With Sand Soccer Turf



50mm Top Grade For Soccer & Ruby No Grass Soccer 
15mm+Cushion Mats Tournament Standard For Hockey & Soccer No Grass Turf
6~12mm Leisure From Light Duty To Heavy No  


14mm Golf Putting / Lawn Bowing No Topturf
50mm Golf Teeing With Sand & Rubber  



Synthetic Turf Agility Turf ? is the ideal alternative to natural grass. The unique blend of synthetic fiber, pulverized rubber, the advanced in-fill materials gives the athlete the same true feel and performance as natural grass. It reduces injury and is the preferred artificial surface for professionals and amateur athletes alike.

Synthetic Turf utilizes the latest material and construction technologies at very competitive prices. ProGreen Agility Turf? also has superior footing and traction. Perfect for football, soccer, baseball, volleyball, amenities for hotels, office complexes, parks, and town homes. Its cushioned surface makes it safe and fun for all.

Synthetic Turf

  Installation Tools
& Materials

Polyurethane Adhesive
Mylar Plastic
Double Line Cutter
Single Line Cutter
Drag Broom Assembly
MasterTurf™ Materials

Synthetic Turfis a beautiful grass like synthetic turf system for tennis courts designed to provide maximum player comfort and enjoyment. The life like color of Synthetic Turf blends perfectly with surrounding landscaping. Synthetic Turfis also the ideal solution for repairing cracked and deteriorated courts.    


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