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There is a selection of our PRODUCTS. Should you require to inquire  PRICE LIST, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US. We assure you with the best quality at the competitive price.

 Uptown Series  
Click here to view Benches in the Uptown Series area.
@ Like the previous series, the Uptown benches are available in the diamond, welded wire, rib, weave and square patterns. On this page we are offering the diamond pattern, which looks great with the 1 5/8" O.D. galvanized tubing. Don't forget the versatile use of the add-on benches. All tubing is covered with a baked-on polyester coating, while the expanded metal is covered with our PLASTISOL coating (color choices shown ). The Uptown legs can be used as portable or surface mount units.
 City Limits Series  
Click here to view Benches in the City Limits Series area.
@ Where image is everything! If it is for a mall, dressing up a courtyard or a convention center, or designing an office complex, image is everything, and the City Limits Series has the image you are looking for. Our seating is available in both concave and convex styles, and comes with or without backs. All concave and convex benches come standard with three individual seats (convex styles are shown on page 111). These benches can also be used in conjunction with our tree grates. Mounting plate covers are an additional option offered for our surface mount and inground leg options.
@ @
 Contemporary Series  
Click here to view Benches in the Contemporary Series area.
@ Intriguing, isn't it? The inground leg gives the appearance that you are sitting on air. However, this rugged bench is constructed from 3/4" #9 expanded steel mesh, and our unusual leg is designed from 2 7/8" O.D. galvanized tubing. All designs in the Contemporary Series are available with either the portable/surface mount leg (see page 90) or the inground leg (above). All Wabash Valley framework is coated with a baked-on polyester dry powder coating in a color of your choice (color choices can be found ). Mounting plate covers are an available option with these benches. Choose the set of 2 for inground units or the set of 4 for the portable/surface mount leg option.
@ @
 Courtyard Series  
Click here to view Benches in the Courtyard Series area.
@ The first option with our Courtyard cast aluminum leg is our diamond pattern. This is made from the same 3/4" #9 expanded steel mesh as in all of our diamond pattern products. Our high quality castings provide years of trouble-free use. All Courtyard benches are available with add-on benches to provide you with the optimal amount of flexibility in length designs. The 4' and 6' models are also available without backs. Our Courtyard leg is a portable unit that can be surface mounted down. Choose from the assortment of color choices . 6' and 6' add-on benches with backs are part of our Quick Ship program.
@ @
 Designer Series  
Click here to view Tables and Chairs in the Designer Series area.
@ The Designer Series picnic tables are of the same rugged quality as the Designer Series benches. Theay are available in 30" and 38" squares and lengths of 4', 6' and 8' (benches included). With the heavy-duty 4' border and 4" x 4" galvanized frame, this table will last for years. You have the option of inground or surface mount legs and multiple color choices shown . These picnic tables are not available with umbrella holes. @ @
 Estate Series 
Click here to view Benches in the Estate Series area.
@ "Elegant" and "durable" are teh only two words needed to describe this series. With the bench seat completely coated in our PLASTISOL coating and our frames fabricated from cast aluminum, the entire bench is practically maintenance-free and offers years of charm. The aluminum castings provide a superior finish that in turn provides the maximum in corrosion resistance. Our diamond pattern is produced from the same 3/4" #9 expanded steel mesh as in all our products. Choose your size, starting from 4' and ending only with your desired length. Beginning lengths start at 4' and 6', but as you can see, we offer 4' and 6' add-ons as well (add-on benches must be purchased with a standard bench). Select a bench with or without a back in any color. The cast aluminum frames are portable but can be surface mounted down. Our 6' bench and 6' add-on benches with backs are now part of our Quick Ship program.
@ @
 Prestige/Profile Series  top
Click here to view Tables and Chairs in the Prestige/Profile Series area.
@ Unlike our P2500 and P2501 tables, these 38" and 46" octagon tables have the same unique rolled-edge style on the table top as they do on the seats, making this table a one-of-a-kind. The 46" table is available in either inground or portable leg options, while the 38" is only available with the inground leg.
@ @
Click here to view Tables and Chairs in the Spyder Series area.
@ Our largest table is the 11' Spyder Series picnic table. This table consists of an 11' long top and three 3' seats per side. There is sufficient room between each seat to add comfort and ease when entering and exiting the picnic table. It, too, is ADA-accessible on each end and is available in our program. An umbrella hole can be found on this table, and because of the unique framework on the 11' table, it has a built-in umbrella brace that does not need to be used with the umbrella stands. The option of portable/surface mount or inground legs is also available, along with the mounting plate cover option. Color choices can be found..
@ @
 Traditional Series  top
Click here to view Benches in the Traditional Series area.
@ Instead of having the look of our diamond or our welded wire pattern, these benches have a slotted design (similar to wood slat benches). They have the same heavy-duty border as our Designer Series, and the frames are also constructed from the 4" x 4" galvanized tubing. Our 4", 6" and 8" benches are available in portable, surface mount or inground leg options. While or 30" square benches come in either surface mount or portable leg options. All colors apply and are shown .
@ @
Click here to view Receptacles in the Accessories area.
Our 32-gallon tapered receptacle portrays a more creative design than our standard receptacles. It is available in both our diamond and weave patterns. It can be used with our 32-gallon liners, our inground or surface mount post packages, and any of our 32-gallon lid options.

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