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If your windscreens or backdrops are looking a little tattered or starting to fade please contact us for a quote.

Installing windscreening on your court will:

  1. Create a uniform playing background for better ball perception;

  2. Distort wind so ball flight is not affected;

  3. Provide controlled airflow to the greatest extent possible ?relieving undue stress on fence posts;

  4. Add privacy and eliminates distractions around your tennis court.


Polyester ?Open Mesh

Our best material: 9oz total weight coated material. Very weather resistant with excellent color retention.

Windscreening Polyester Open Mesh

MODEL VP-6/G and MODEL VP-9/G (Grommets)
MODEL VP-6/S and MODEL VP-9/S (Snap-on)

* 36 month warranty against peeling and cracking *

Available in 6? 7? 9?or special heights, in green or black



Hems and SeamsHems are (4) ply and reinforced with heavy duty 18 oz. vinyl.

Windscreens 9' high have center seam reinforced.

Sewn with #7 all weather polyester thread.


Windscreening Polyester Open Mesh  

Brass, nickel plated spaced 12" apart on all four hems.

Windscreens 9' high have (2) grommets spaced 2" apart every 5' on center seam.


Snaps spaced 18" apart on all four hems   or


  1. Combination snaps and grommets (see photo);
  2. Wind vents (heat sealed) spaced 10' apart;
  3. Non-standard colors and fastening devices.

Windscreening Fastening Devices


Polyethylene (wethashade) ?Great Pricing!

Our Windbreak model is perfect for schools, parks, and for limited budgets.

Dark green knitted polyethylene UV stabilized. Windbreak factor of 70%.

Available in 6?or 9?heights in rolls 120?long. Each roll comes complete with 300 tyraps.

The 9?screen has a reinforced center allowing you to install Tyraps that will prevent billowing.

This material can be cut and fitted on site for a perfect fit. The reinforced edge eliminates the use of grommets. Simply insert the tyraps every 12" through this edge top and bottom and every 6" on the sides.

Model PW6 PRICE $ X55/roll ?34lbs

Model PW9 PRICE $ X20/roll ?51lbs

Ships UPS


Fastening Devices For Windscreening and Netting

Windscreening Fastening Devices


Black self locking ties. Calculate one tyrap every 12" all around windscreening. Model PNT

Shipping weight: 3 lbs per 1000

S Hooks:

Plated steel 1 ? S hook. Model SH-1

Shipping weight: 21lbs per 1000

Plastic Clips:

Plated steel 1 ? S hook. Model PC-1

Shipping weight: 12lbs per 1000

Repair Twine:

Braided 3 mm polyethylene twine. Model RT-3

Shipping weight: 2 lbs per tube (approx. 600')

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