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Humidity and Ventilation
Humidity and ventilation are critical considerations for your new wood floor. A relative humidity of 35-50% is normally required for the long, trouble-free life of your floor. Prompt air circulation is necessary whenever the humidity level rises above 50%. Be especially careful in the summer months and inspect your floors regularly. In the dryer months, if the humidity level drops below 35%, use humidification to prevent excessive dryness and possible wood shrinkage.

Control Air Conditioning and Humidity
Your air conditioning system should always be operating in the 35-50% range of normal relative humidity. You should also have ventilation equipment available year-round.

Excessive Tightening
Call your flooring contractor immediately when excessive tightening of the floor becomes noticeable.

Joint Separation
When you begin to notice unusually wide cracks, call your flooring contractor immediately. Keep Water off the Floor Surface During inclement weather, protect your floors from tracking at exterior doorways. Check your floor protection frequently to assure no moisture is trapped underneath. Correct all leaks immediately. Protect your floor from excessive condensation moisture by properly insulating interior drains and downspouts. Any dampness within your building should be brought to the attention of your architects and engineers.

Expansion Joints
Never block or obstruct the expansion joints around the perimeter of your floor or at columns and inserts. They have been engineered for natural expansion and contraction. (Please check with your flooring contractor to see if your floor may be a system designed without expansion joints.)

Anchoring Bleachers
Make adequate expansion provisions in floating type floor systems before lagging fixtures, equipment or bleachers through the wood floors into concrete.

Steel Channel Floor Systems
These floors are designed to self contain expansion and do not require expansion voids when anchoring bleachers and equipment through flooring. This applies to Permalock and Grip-Tite Systems only.


Daily Care

Daily Sweeping

Use a dry dust mop to keep the floor free from dust, grit, sand and abrasive particles.

Floor Stains
Wipe up spillage immediately before it can be absorbed into the finish.

Removing Marks
Apply an approved floor cleaner with a soft cloth, lambswool applicator or dusting mop.

Avoid Using Water
Machine scrubbing or power machines that induce water under pressure should not be used.

Please post in superintendent's, maintenance engineer's or custodian's office.

*The Da Yuen warranty is solely based on strict compliance with the care and maintenance outlined
on this card and the general specifications provided in the current Sweets Catalog 09550 Part 1. 
Should you require further clarification, please call Connor Customer Service at