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Maintenance Synthetic Floor

Always exercise sound floor care practices and follow these maintenance guidelines for the specific flooring system chosen. Should a situation arise that is not detailed in this care guide or if you have any questions, call and ask for Synthetic Products.


  1. Dust mop the floor as needed to remove the dry grit and other abrasives. It is best to use  dust mop heads that do not require a treatment as treatments often leave a residue.
  2. For further dirt and grit removal, the floor should be "damp tacked" daily, using a white cotton towel, damp but not wet, on the floor instead of the dry dust mop head, repeating the same procedure. Make sure to keep a clean, damp edge on the floor to be most effective and rinse the towel every few passes or as needed. For added effectiveness, use a neutral floor cleaner (a PH of 7.0 to 7.5) in your tack solution.
  3. Wet mop any spills and/or vacuum any large amounts of dirt or dust as soon as possible.
  4. A low speed floor scrubber (175 to 350 rpm), either a single disc or an automatic scrubber can be used for occasional cleaning. Use a neutral floor cleaner or a citrus based degreaser (PH of 12 or lower), properly diluted, and a red floor pad or a scrub brush.
  5. To remove the scuff marks from black soled shoes, use a clean towel dampened with a ready-to-use spray citrus based or Butyl based cleaner and wipe clean. Properly rinse the floor with potable water after cleaning.

Do not wash floor for at least five (5) days after installation. General cleaning can be accomplished with a damp mop and a mild detergent (with or without a germicide) on a regular basis. Protect against indentation from furniture by using furniture rests. Finished floors should not be exposed to direct sunlight as fading may occur.

To avoid damage to your Maple floor, precautions should be taken in order to insure that the following products and/or equipment are never used on the floor.

  1. Avoid the user of spikes on the floor (track, golf, football, baseball, etc.).
  2. Never use steel wool, abrasive brushes or pads (brown, black and high productivity) to attempt to clean the floor. Do not use any type of solvent.
  3. Do not use high speed floor equipment (1,100 rpm or higher) on the floor.
  4. Do not use any wax of any kind on these floors. Check for wax content in any sweeping compound or dust mop treatment, if used (uses of both are discouraged).

*The appearance of the floor is based on the compliance with the care and maintenance outlined on this card.