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Independent Access Systems - Economical and Reliable.


Watch This Space

A lifting construction specially designed for this system allows horizontal access to the upper platform, the lower one being only slightly inclined during access. The Standard and Exclusive system versions are available with single or double platforms and provide extra space for vehicles higher than average. In addition, larger distances between the platforms facilitate leaving or entering the vehicle. The lower parking level provides sufficient space for station wagons. These can be parked on the upper level, too, sufficient room height provided. The lower platform's inclination permits using a sloped area for the garage, which especially helps complying with local ambit construction regulations.

Knowledge Creates Space


If you want to park more then two vehicles above each other, the G63 system is the right choice for you. Moreover, it allows you to park station wagons on all platforms. Spaces above or below the carriageway can be used perfectly as cellar or storage rooms. The system is available with single or double platforms for a total of three or six vehicles correspondingly.

Feel Free to Park


The pallet system optimizes your use of space. It can also be retrofitted into existing garages and car parks. Just press a button, and an electric motor shifts the pallets longitudinally and transversely, liberating the desired space. That way additional parking places can be created on unused areas and carriageways.

Many garages lack the necessary space for turning a vehicle, which often causes you to reverse into or out of the parking space. By pressing a button you turn the vehicle on the spot and leave the place in forward gear.

Mobilize Space


The P110, P210 and P310 systems are Parking Automats. They accomodate two or three levels of vehicles. With Parking Automats, one vacant space on the entry level allows for horizontal and vertical shifting of all platforms. Just press a button, and the system automatically moves the platforms in the desired position. An access/exit lane must be available on the entry level, complying with the local regulations. This system can also be installed into small walled-up rooms It mobilizes the existing space by using it the best possible way.

Creative Solutions


The Automatic Parking is the system with the highest degree of user comfort and protection against theft and vandalism. All parking spaces are accessible via one single entry box. Once you park your vehicle there, its dimensions are measured electronically. Then, as soon as you leave the box, the system automatically moves the vehicle to a suitable parking space. The Klaus SPS system guarantees the highest possible safely due to fully automatic system control and monitoring. Since there are no ramps or lanes required with the Automatic Parker, it is the best solution wherever you need to store a maximum number of vehicles on minimum available space. Additional features are easy operation and maintenance, and, most importantly, the remarkable high adaptability to the individual garage planning project and to options regarding various possible maximum vehicle heights. The Automatic Parker meets the highest demands and fulfils every customer's with. You can also use it for short-term parking or public car parks with cashier systems.